COVID-19 Measures of the City of Beijing [Several Exceptions for Observation of People Coming to Beijing]

Epidemic control measures require that from February 14, all the people coming to Beijing should go through a 14-day observation at home or in designated places upon arrival.

In view of public concern, detailed rules have been adopted for different groups of people coming to Beijing.

First, people who entered Beijing via Beijing Capital International Airport or Beijing Daxing International Airport and haven’t stayed inside the People’s Republic of China in the previous 14 days are exempt from the 14-day home observation. They should fill in the health declaration card at entry control to report their health conditions, have their body temperature checked, wear masks and keep a proper distance from others.

Second, those who come to Beijing from other parts of China other than Hubei Province for a short stay, have no fixed domicile or jobs in Beijing and come mainly for sightseeing, visit, business, study tour, or on transit, etc. must comply with hotel check-in requirements, have their body temperature checked when entering and leaving the hotel, state the purpose of their visits to Beijing and provide information on their contacts in Beijing. They must comply with the epidemic control measures taken by their local host organizations if they have such hosts. If they develop fever or other discomforts, they should seek prompt medical treatment and inform the hotel and their host organization of such conditions.

Third, for people coming to Beijing for work from other parts of China other than Hubei Province, those who need to work together in a shared workplace should be under closed-off management, take protective measures, and work under observation. Others are still required to go through a 14-day home observation before returning to their jobs.

Fourth, for people who work in Beijing and live in satellite towns such as the three counties of Langfang city of Hebei Province, there are no mandatory requirements for their daily commute to and from Beijing, but they need to go through routine inspection when entering and leaving Beijing.

Fifth, civil aviation and railway staff who need to travel frequently to other places are required to stay in designated places when they are back in Beijing.

Sixth, people under home observation but with special needs such as pregnant women and sick people may, on doctor’s advice, go out for medical treatment.

We will address on a timely basis other matters of public concern that might arise in the course of implementing the above rules provided that coronavirus control efforts are not affected. We will announce the appropriate timeframe for lifting these measures as progress in coronavirus control permits.


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