Budapest provides free parking for healthcare staff and distributes protective equipment for social workers

The Municipality of Budapest, in agreement with the districts, made parking free for employees of hospitals in the capital, and sent protective equipment to those working in the social sector. The procurement of protective equipment is continuing.

The Municipality of Budapest and district municipalities are contributing their fair share to the protection of the city and its residents. They are continuously discussing and sharing their experiences with one another – mostly online.

The lack of protective equipment was one of the biggest problems so far. The successful procurement by Budapest has resulted in the arrival of protective masks which will be distributed among the workers in the social sector first. The procurement of new protective equipment continues. These were distributed not only among social institutions under the Municipality of Budapest, but also among districts, based on their previously assessed needs.

A true battle awaits hospital staff, and the Municipality Budapest is continuously working to help them with their work. The mayor addressed the heads of all Budapest hospitals in a letter, asking them to list all the colleagues whose work could be helped by providing free parking permits. Based on the license plate numbers collected, the Municipality of Budapest, in cooperation with the districts, will issue free parking permits to all hospital staff.


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