[PRISTINA] 13.03.2020

Within the framework of protective measures in order to prevent spread of COVID-19, Municipality of Prishtina recommends Radio Taxi Companies, individual taxi drivers, as well as private economic operators of buses, which carry out the activity of passenger transport, to disinfect their cars respectively their buses.

  • Extra caution in this situation helps us protect ourselves and others!
  • In order to coordinate and manage actions and measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Mayor Shpend Ahmeti establishes the Emergency Response team for the Municipality of Prishtina.
  • This team consists of Directors of relevant directorates and heads of health institutions in Prishtina.

Bus Station is a place frequented by many travellers all the time. So, according to the decision of Mayor Shpend Ahmeti, the disinfection of premises and equipping with protective equipment are the measures applied to prevent the spread of Coronavirus!

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