Ministry of Health gives latest update on coronavirus situation in Mongolia

At today’s daily briefing to update the coronavirus outbreak situations, it was reported that 2310 are staying in isolation facilities nationwide as a precaution at this moment, including 43 pregnant women, 56 children aged under 5 and 7 people with injuries.

The two coronavirus patients, who were announced yesterday to have recovered, were released from hospital and are currently being monitored at an isolation facility.

150 people were discharged after spending two weeks in mandatory isolation after arriving on quarantine flights from abroad. They are obliged to self-isolate themselves at home for another two weeks.

As of today, 218 people, including ten people diagnosed to have the coronavirus infection, and people who are known to have contact with the patients while having underlying health conditions are being treated at the National Center for Communicable Diseases (NCCD).

On March 30, seven people were put into isolation after displaying some suspicious symptoms of infections, later to be tested negative for the coronavirus. Moreover, 12 samples of tests collected yesterday from random patients at local clinics were all tested negative. This step is conducted daily to check if there is any local transmission of the COVID-19.

The 10 hospitalized coronavirus patients are in stable health conditions and people are sending them letters wishing speedy recovery, said D.Nyamkhuu, NCCD Director.

The State Emergency Commission (SEC) made decision to extend the original 14-day mandatory isolation period to 21 days, considering the longer incubation period of COVID-19 than initially expected. Yesterday, Match 30, the SEC announced that the government allocated MNT 300-500 million to pay for the additional one-week of isolation expenses for people, mostly those who flew from abroad 2 weeks ago on evacuation flights, not to burden them with unexpected bills.

However, the people who are arriving on next evacuation flights from Seoul and Tokyo on April 2 and 3, will have to pay for the plane ticket and 21-day isolation bills in full.

The SEC made another decision last week to isolate each person under quarantine in separate rooms to avoid passing the infection while under quarantine. However, it is estimated that the currently available isolation facilities are able to accommodate only 360 people on the basis of the new isolation policy of ‘one person-one room’. Therefore, the SEC is working with large hotels in Ulaanbaatar city to convert them into isolation wards.

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