Ulaanbaatar Mayor calls for keeping the city clean to prevent spread of coronavirus

On February 11, Mayor of Ulaanbaatar S.Amarsaikhan issued an ordinance on measures to be taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, the novel coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

The ordinance calls the public not to litter, spit and urinate in public places and residential areas. It also requires business property owners in Ulaanbaatar city to keep the areas within 50 meter to their property clean and free of snow, ice and litters and make their restrooms available to the public for free of charge.

“Any individuals or business entities who violate the rules and breach public order will be punished by the Law on infringement” the ordinance says.

As a response to coronavirus outbreak and nationwide closure of schools and universities as well as suspension of public activities, the Ulaanbaatar city Mayor also gave an order to halt all types of public activities, shut down all movie theaters , and reducing the opening hours of restaurant, bars and clubs in the city, allowing them to stay open until 12 am, from January 29 to March 02.


Ulaanbaatar /12 February 2020/

source: www.montsame.mn

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