Improved Test Methods

* Drive-through screening station


 Sejong City has been operating a drive-through screening station for COVID-19 as of Feb, 26 at public health center.

  The drive-through test is a none interrupted testing while remaining in the vehicle to shorten waiting time and prevent contact with others.

 Testing time is reduced from 1 hour to 10 min by using a drive-through screening station.


* Walking-through


 As demand for the the test and selected testing clinics is soaring, Sejong City has been operating Walking-through test for COVID-19 as of March 28.

 When using Drive-through, test is available for the driver only. People who can`t drive have no choice but to visit a Clinic center.

 With “Walking-through test” People can get tested while walking off the clinic building along the designated line where by medical staff are prepared to perform their works one by one in order.

 Test takes shorter time by using Walking-through than clinic center. Therefore, this is so much safe and efficient as to prevent infection inside the clinic center and to help rapid stream of testing.


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