Seoul Introduces the COVID-19 「AI Monitoring Call System」

Due to the rise in the number of individuals entering self-quarantine and being released from quarantine with the increase of individuals entering South Korea from overseas, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will introduce an artificial intelligence (AI) system at the 120 Dasan Seoul Call Center for active and efficient monitoring of such individuals.

The cloud-based 「AI Monitoring Call System」 that will be introduced is an AI system that calls individuals who are being monitored to check for fevers, cough, and chills, and then manages the collected data. The “AI Monitoring Call System” is capable of pairing various questions and answers with each recipient for customized monitoring in addition to offering foreign language services in English and Chinese.

The SMG plans to solve the problem of blind spots in COVID-19 monitoring through the “AI Monitoring Call System.” According to the Seoul Metropolitan Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters, as of April 2, 2,038 individuals required standard phone monitoring, and the majority of these people in self-quarantine did not install the safety protection app.


  • <Current state of individuals in self-quarantine and individuals who did not install the app (as of April 2, 2020)>

    Individuals in self-quarantine Self-quarantine Safety App Government official in charge
    (25 autonomous districts)
    Currently in quarantine Increase and decrease
    (compared to previous day)
    Display of symptoms App installed App not installed
    SMG(25 autonomous districts)

    Government officials of autonomous districts are currently in charge of checking the individuals’ state of health twice a day by phone, but the increasing number of personnel and continuously demanding duties has led to an accumulation of fatigue for the government officials. The number of recipients further increased with the enforcement of the mandatory two-week self-quarantine of individuals entering South Korea from overseas starting April 1, and the city chose to introduce the “AI Monitoring Call System” to efficiently tackle the blind spots and gaps in monitoring individuals released from quarantine.

    The “AI Monitoring Call System” will begin on April 3 for the 923 individuals in self-quarantine and those released from quarantine, which include those entering South Korea from abroad and residing in Gangnam-gu (871), Dongjak-gu (38), and Gwangjin-gu (14), and will gradually be extended for use in all autonomous districts.


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