Quarantine drill begins in Chingeltei district of Ulaanbaatar

Within the framework of the emergency management exercise for COVID-19 response and correlation of countermeasures, a quarantine drill is being organized in the Chingeltei district of the capital city today, May 7. Due to this, all road and pedestrian traffic in the district are closed from 8 AM to 6 PM today. The traffic restriction is imposed on a total of 63.9 km long auto road in the district, and a total of 150 thousand residents of the district and all business operations and public places in the territory are put under restriction. As appropriate changes were taken for the routes of public transports providing services throughout the district area, people living or working in the district are recommended to make slight changes in their schedules and commutes, such as leaving for work before 8 AM and traveling back home after 6 PM. Exercises will also be organized for emergency officials and medical professionals at the 300-bed medical facility set up at Buyant-Ukhaa Sports Complex, the 100-bed hospital wing of the newly built maternity hospital, and the Retraining and Rehabilitation Center of the National Emergency Management Agency in the framework of the drill today.

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/.

07 May 2020

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