Circular – 1



No: 31499761- 010.06.01-E.32201

Subject: Corona Virus Measures



            Related to the Coronavirus epidemic that spreads all over the world and causes deaths, Statement was made by the Ministry of Health regarding the test results which is positive in a suspicious person in our country. We continue our efforts throughout the city to take prevention and control measures against respiratory disease and control caused by COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses, the necessary efforts are also being carried out in the campuses of our municipality.

It is needed to take necessary precautions and measures for COVID-19 and other epidemic diseases by our staff working at the departments, affiliates and companies of the Municipality.   In this context, it shall be taken necessary measures and complying with the warnings specified by the relevant institutions for the following issues;

  1. If you are healthy and you are not a health staff, do not use a mask unless specifically notified,
  2. Avoiding handshake and hugs,
  3. Installing hand disinfection units on all doors for the usage of the citizens coming to the Municipality and ensuring the use of these units by the guests
  4. Using the card access system instead of a fingerprint system at the door and elevator entrances,
  5. Washing hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds,
  6. If there is no visible impurity on hand, using of hand sanitizer and cologne containing 60% alcohol and above,
  7. Having a balanced and healthy diet to strengthen the immune system, washing food thoroughly before consumption,
  8. If you are coughing, have a fever and difficulty in breathing, get in contact with the nearest health facility by wearing a surgical mask and rest until it heals.

                                                                                              Mansur YAVAŞ

                                                                                              Mayor of Ankara

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