General information about COVID-19

What is a coronavirus?
Coronaviruses are a large family of respiratory viruses that can cause diseases of varying severity: from the common cold to severe acute respiratory syndrome.
The disease that caused the new coronavirus is called COVID-19.
The disease caused by the new coronavirus cannot be called “lethal” because the mortality rate is 3.4.
COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the latest coronavirus. Until the outbreak of the infection in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, nothing was known about the new virus and disease.

 How to protect yourself from infections?
Strengthen your immunity and monitor your well-being
Good nutrition, healthy sleep, exercise and water balance of the body
• Contact your doctor in time
If the first symptoms of SARS appear, contact your family doctor immediately.
Wash your hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds or use an antiseptic with alcohol content at least 60-80%
• Avoid contact with people with symptoms of SARS
With those who have cold symptoms – minimum distance is 1.5 meters
• Heat the products
Do not eat raw meat, meat by-products and eggs
• Avoid touching your face
• Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with dirty hands

What should I do if I have symptoms of SARS?
You are ill – stay at home. This is the first rule that should be followed by anyone who has experienced the symptoms of the disease.
In case of symptoms of the disease – inform your family doctor by phone. Contact your family doctor daily and follow his / her recommendations. Do not refuse hospitalization if your doctor sees it necessary.

If you can’t get in touch with your family doctor?
Our capital city has a 24-hour hotline called “Doctor’s advice by the phone”, which can also be contacted if symptoms similar to coronavirus are detected.
Citizens of Kyiv can call 15-83 (free) and 044-235-01-01 – from mobile (according to the tariffs of the operator).
What should I not do?
According to information from the World Health Organization, the following actions do NOT help fight with COVID-19 and may cause harm:
the simultaneous wearing of several masks;
If you have a fever, cough and shortness of breath, you should contact your family doctor as soon as possible and follow his or her recommendations to reduce the risk of complications.

How is coronavirus diagnosed?
Test system
In the early stages, the disease caused by the new coronavirus has the same symptoms as other acute respiratory diseases. Only special tests can determine it.
There are rapid tests to diagnose coronavirus in Kyiv.
Cough, sore throat, rhinitis, fever and shortness of breath. Dry cough, sneezing, chest pain. In some cases, it is diarrhea or conjunctivitis.
More than 80 percent of confirmed coronavirus cases are not severe. A new coronavirus strain can cause severe pneumonia. That is his danger.
Timely diagnosis
If you have returned from a country, where COVID-19 illness is widespread or have contacted an infected person within the last 14 days, contact your doctor and tell him or her.
City officials are urging citizens of Kyiv to report about their return from countries where coronavirus cases have been reported by calling: 15-51. Such a call will identify the potential carrier of the virus, monitor its status to healthcare professionals and identify the risk groups for the spread of the virus.

How is the disease transmitted?
It is now known that COVID-19 is transmitted by drop and contact ways.
The virus does not circulate in the air but is transmitted from person to person.
The virus is not able to travel long distances. It is only in the drops that a person exhales while coughing or sneezing. Distance is a guarantee of safety. This is a factor in the interruption of the epidemic chain. Therefore, it is impossible to be infected even from an infected person if you are more than 1.5 m away.
COVID-19 is spread primarily via respiratory droplets—little blobs of liquid released as someone coughs, sneezes, or talks. Viruses contained in these droplets can infect other people via the eyes, nose, or mouth—either when they land directly on somebody’s face or when they’re transferred there by people touching their faces with contaminated hands.

Is it possible to be infected by animals?
There is currently no official confirmation that pets, such as dogs or cats, may be carriers of the new coronavirus. However, after contact with pets, we recommend washing your hands with soap and water. This will protect you from the risk of spreading some bacteria that can be infected by pets.
Is the virus transmitted through the fruit?
Fruits are not suitable for the long-term survival of the virus. There is no information on the transmission of the virus through the fruit. We remind you that fruits should be thoroughly washed, but this is a standard recommendation.

How many viruses live on surfaces? How can a virus be killed?
The virus can maintain viability on surfaces from 3 hours to several days. Specific terms depend on many conditions. For example, surface type, temperature and humidity. Therefore, it is important to disinfect surfaces, door handles, appliances, etc.

Is it safe to receive parcels from countries where cases of new coronavirus infection are reported?
Yes, completely. COVID-19 cannot be infected due to parcel. WHO does not recommend any restrictions on trade and movement of goods from China. Delivery of postal items from China is carried out on the regular mode.

Are medical institutions ready to receive patients?
7 medical institutions for hospitalization of persons who meet the COVID-19 are defined in Kyiv (3 – for adults, 2 – for children, 2 – for pregnant women): “Alexander Clinical Hospital in Kyiv”, “Kyiv City Clinical Hospital № 4”, «Kyiv City Clinical Hospital № 9», «Kyiv City Children’s Clinical Hospital № 1», «Kyiv City Children’s Clinical Hospital», «Kyiv City Maternity Hospital № 3», «Kyiv City Maternity Hospital № 5 ». 385 beds have been expanded, 240 of them for adults, 120 for children and 28 for pregnant women. In the structure of infectious units, there are 69 boxes.
All these hospitals are provided with rapid tests for the detection of coronavirus. In total, the city purchased 9,000 tests. Today they are distributed in municipal hospitals.
In case of complication of the epidemic situation there are healthcare institutions (separately located buildings), which will be re-profiled to isolate the contact persons for medical supervision – (Kyiv City Clinical Hospital № 10 (100 beds), Kyiv City Clinical Hospital № 5 (30 beds), Kyiv City Narcological Hospital (45 beds), Kyiv City Children’s Clinical Tuberculosis Hospital (65 beds), a total of 240 beds, besides, it will be possible to use the inpatient units of the Kyiv City center of the Chornobyl catastrophe, which includes 270 beds.
There are two specialized emergency medical teams to transport persons who meet the COVID-19 disease.
All hospitals have created a stockpile of PPE, medicines, supplies, including rapid COVID-19 determination tests required to provide medical care.

Are there any express tests for the detection of coronavirus in Kyiv?
Hospitals designated for the hospitalization of COVID-19 cases are provided with rapid coronavirus detection tests.
Currently, the city has purchased 9,000 tests.
Please note that testing is performed only on medical records during hospitalization and is free of charge!

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