Recommendations for Heads of Food Trade and Grocery Stores

According to the Executive Order of the Executive Body of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration) of 20.03.2020 №488 “On the establishment of an emergency situation in the territory of the city of Kyiv” in the city of Kiev established the emergency situation at the regional level, and Protocols of the Standing Commission on technogenic – environmental safety and emergency situations of the executive body of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration) №9 dated 11.03.2020, №10 dated 16.03.2020 and №16 dated 21.03.2020.

In order to prevent the occurrence and spread of cases of acute respiratory disease caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus, the heads of catering and food establishments, regardless of their subordination and form of ownership, should take the following preventive and anti-epidemic measures:

– to ensure the availability of consumers in the trade premises at the rate of 1 person per 10 m² and measures to comply with sanitary standards, not to allow the premises of persons without personal protective equipment (masks);

– ensure that the distance of at least 1 meter is maintained between visitors who are waiting for permission to enter the premises;

– to prohibit the sale of unsecured food (to allow only packaged products and products in the manufacturer’s packaging);

– to work with staff on individual prevention and response measures for employees;

– provide workers who have the highest contact with visitors, PPE (based on 1 medical mask for 3 hours per person and 1 bottle (100 ml) of alcohol-containing antiseptic per person per shift (up to 12 hours) adequate training in the use and disposal of waste masks, napkins and appropriate controls for compliance;

– ensure that the workers who have the greatest contact with visitors are at least 1 meter away, or install safety screens to protect workers;

– increasing the frequency of disinfection activities (wet cleaning with the use of disinfectants indoors, especially in places of greatest contact with surfaces – door handles, bar counters, seats, sinks, etc.);

– observance of normative indexes of air temperature and through ventilation of premises;

– ensure that all employees are carried out daily thermometry, and the thermometry results should be entered into thermometry sheets drawn up for each employee, and persons with signs of infectious disease should not be allowed to work;

– to allocate premises for temporary isolation of persons with signs of illness for acute respiratory infectious diseases;

– in case of detection of an employee with signs of respiratory infectious disease, take measures to isolate him / her from healthy persons and immediately inform the relevant healthcare institution about this case;

– limit mass events indoors;

– to provide the necessary conditions for employees to observe the rules of personal hygiene (wash basins, soap, disposable towels, napkins, etc.);

provide medical posts (if any) with the necessary facilities and equipment (thermometers, bactericidal emitters, disinfectants and antiseptics, personal care and personal protective equipment, etc.)
Preventive measures for visitors

– providing entrance sanitary control, not to allow more than 1 person per 10 m² and persons without personal protective equipment (masks) to the trading halls;

– ensure a distance of at least 1 meter between the queue visitors to self-checkout offices and / or terminals;

– providing the possibility of using alcohol-containing antiseptics for visitors;

– providing visitors with a sufficient number of disposable napkins on the service tables (and when issuing the take-out menu).

Input sanitary control

Incoming health control in accordance with the law of Ukraine “On protection of the population against infectious diseases” is an element of anti-epidemic measures and refers to health measures that are used to prevent the spread of particularly dangerous infectious diseases.

Inbound health control is the control of a person’s health in order to identify the risks of disease transmission in organized groups (labor collectives of enterprises, institutions, and organizations) and in places of large crowds (entertaining establishments, trade establishments, etc.).

Entrance sanitary control is provided by:

– visual examination (general condition, signs of fever, presence of signs of acute respiratory disease – cough, sneezing, runny nose);

– if necessary, carrying out temperature screening (measurement of body temperature with a contactless thermometer, if available);

In case of detection of a person with signs of acute respiratory disease, fever, such person is not allowed to visit institutions and is referred to a family doctor at the place of care.

Use of disinfectants

For disinfection it is necessary to use standard disinfectants, registered in Ukraine in accordance with the legislation, and having a valid Certificate of state registration. Instructions must be followed for each individual disinfectant, including its effective concentration and exposure (while staying on the treated surface).

For disinfection can be used disinfectants and antiseptics:

antiseptics for treatment of skin of hands – alcohol-containing preparations (active substances – isopropyl, ethyl alcohol or their combinations, etc.);
preparations for disinfection of surfaces with a minimum exposure time (exposure from 30 sec to 2 min) – alcohol-containing preparations (active substances – isopropyl, ethyl alcohol or their combinations, etc.) for surfaces, equipment, etc. – disinfectants based on Quaternary ammonium compounds tablet forms to provide a clear dosage).

According to Article 11 of the Law of Ukraine “On protection of the population against infectious diseases”, the organization and carrying out of preventive and anti-epidemic measures are entrusted including to enterprises, establishments and organizations irrespective of the forms of ownership, as well as to citizens.

Violation of the rules on quarantine of people, sanitary-hygienic, sanitary-anti-epidemic rules and norms stipulated by the Law of Ukraine “On protection of the population against infectious diseases”, other acts of legislation, as well as decisions of local self-government bodies on the control of infectious diseases, administrations liability under Article 44-3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (imposing a fine on citizens from one to two thousand tax-free minimum incomes of citizens and officials – in A two to ten thousand times the income).

Violation of the rules and regulations established to prevent and control epidemic and other infectious diseases, as well as mass non-communicable diseases (poisoning), if such actions have caused or knowingly could have caused the spread of these diseases, shall be liable under Article 325 of the Criminal Code. Ukraine, (a fine of up to one hundred tax-free minimum incomes, or arrest for up to six months, or restraint of liberty for up to three years).

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