SEOUL [How to investigate epidemiology and containment of contacts]

Epidemiological investigation

When a patient occurs, the central and local government track the source of infection and isolate the contact through rapid epidemiological investigations.

Through the credit card details, CCTV analysis, and mobile phone location information, we identify concretely the moving line of the confirmed person, and transparently disclose the moving line of the confirmed person to prevent further infection of the general public and to check whether they have contacted themselves.

In particular, an immediate response team is dispatched to areas where patients are collectively located to conduct epidemiological investigations by patient case.

Contact isolation

The health center that first recognized the confirmed person also investigates the contact person under the direction of the municipal epidemiological investigation team. Within 24 hours of recognizing a confirmed person, contacts such as family members and domestic partners are self-contained.

All contacts found through epidemiological investigations are self-isolated, and the government and local governments thoroughly manage self-isolators through 1:1 management. Self-isolators are prohibited from leaving Korea for 14 days, regardless of symptoms. In the case of self-isolation violations, fines of up to 10 million won or imprisonment for up to one year are imposed.


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