BUENOS AIRES: Measures taken by Buenos Aires for tackling the covid-19 situation.

Mayores Cuidados

City volunteer network to assist older adults during the isolation phase. Includes food and medicine purchase, pet walking, and emotional support.



Buenos Aires chatbot helps to protect citizens against Coronavirus

Buenos Aires City Government launched a WhatsApp chatbot that indicates if a person has symptoms of the disease.



Online classes

Schools move online during coronavirus outbreak, besides of the suspension of school activities until March 31, the Government implements an online platform with content, virtual classrooms and tools.

Digital library: https://contenedor-digital.buenosaires.gob.ar/

Other resources: https://www.buenosaires.gob.ar/educacion/estudiantes-y-familias


Digital platform to inform about Coronavirus

Provides information about coronavirus, recommendations to avoid contagion, government policies and informs about the Management Protocol against suspicious cases of COVID-19.


Addition of sanitary resources

The hospital system will add 400 hospital beds, 70 doctors and 600 nurses. The Emergency Medical Care System (SAME) will incorporate six ambulances. 300 hotel beds have been booked as well; this will be progressive until we reach the peak of the needs (about 2,000 beds).



Active Surveillance Centers

The Centers are specifically designed to detect if other people than those who have the suspicious symptoms could be infected with the virus. The objective is the early detection of asymptomatic cases of coronavirus.


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