Kyiv: Anti-pandemic measures

Restrictive measures have been introduced in Kyiv since March 12 to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
In particular, from 00:00 March 12 to pre-March 31:
● the suspended of the educational process in the institutions of preschool, general secondary, extracurricular, professional (vocational and technical), higher education of all types and forms of property of ownership of the city of Kyiv.;
● the suspended of the educational process in higher education institutions on the territory of Kyiv ;
● limited to conducting sports events;
● suspends the work of theaters, cinemas, museums, cultural events, etc .;
● the work of entertainment centers is suspended;
● suspends the operation of entertainment areas in shopping malls;
● mass events (more than 60 people) are restricted; only persons who have undergone thermometry are allowed to participate in the events;
● еmployees of enterprises and institutions of the city of Kyiv with symptom of infectious disease are not allowed to work.
The Commission recommends that educational institutions make changes to curricula and move to a distance education form for a period of restrictions.
Higher education institutions should strengthen the disinfection regime. Dormitories are recommended to provide facilities for the isolation of students with symptoms of flu and SARS. It is also forbidden to hold mass events in dormitories.
Managers of enterprises, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership should intensify disinfection activities in places of mass events (up to 60 people), observe the normative indicators of air temperature, carry out cross-ventilation in indoors.
Entrance sanitary control must be ensured in administrative buildings, KSCA premises, District State Administrations and Housing Offices, commercial and catering establishments, public reception facilities, etc.
Details of the measures taken can be found in the the Protocol of the Standing Committee on Technogenic-Ecological Safety and Emergency Situations “On additional measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection (COVID 19).
To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), Kyiv has introduced additional restrictive measures in the city. The Standing Committee on Technogenic Environmental Safety and Emergencies adopted the relevant decision.

So, from 00:00 March 17, the maximum is limited:
● movement of people between the city of Kyiv and other settlements, as well as movement in public places;
● conducting cultural, political sports, social, religious and other events with mass participation of citizens;
● catering institutions (fast food institutions, restaurants, cafes, bars, including gas stations) will leave these establishments only for express delivery and pick-up;
● the work of all commercial institutions except for food store and hardware stores (offices) and pharmacies;
● work of religious institutions, holding mass services, sightseeing events.
● work of sports complexes, swimming pools, public services (baths, SPA salons, beauty salons, cosmetology offices, massage rooms, hairdressing salons, tattoo salons etc.);
● entertainment (discos, nightclubs, computer clubs, room quests, etc.).
Managers of enterprises, institutions and organizations, regardless of their ownership and subordination, including hotels, hostels, religious institutions, have to implement this decision.

In addition, all enterprises, institutions and organizations of the capital should maximize the transfer of staff to remote access using electronic communications technologies, to introduce daily temperature screening of employees, to ensure disinfection activities, etc.
We remind you that the decision of the Standing Committee on Technogenic Environmental Safety and Emergencies are obligatory for the implementation of state and local authorities, enterprises, institutions and organizations located in Kyiv.
It is worth noting that violations of the rules and regulations determinade to prevent epidemic and other infectious diseases, if such actions have caused or knowingly could have caused their spread, are a criminal offense.
According to Article 325 of the CCU, such actions shall be punishable by a fine of up to one hundred non-taxable minimum incomes, or arrest for a term up to six months, or restraint of liberty for a term up to three years. And if actions have caused death or other grave consequences, they shall be punishable by imprisonment for a term of five to eight years.

According to the decision of the Governmental Committee on Technogenic and Environmental Safety and Emergencies and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Kiev underground stopped the passenger transportation from 23:00 on March 17. The Protocol of the meeting of the Standing Committee on TEB and NA «On prevention of spread of COVID-19 acute respiratory disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 Coronovirus and restrictive measures on the territory of Kyiv».

Starting Monday, March 23, the public transport of the capital will transport only those passengers who go to work for enterprises, that ensure the vitality of the city and country. These are health care workers, rescuers, law enforcement, utilities professionals, people working in grocery stores and pharmacies, strategic businesses, and more.
The following routes have been developed for public transport, the scheme of which is published at:

They will only be able to use the transport if they have a special ticket for public transport, ID card, as well as personal protective equipment – medical mask.
To provide employees with special tickets, heads of such enterprises should contact the KSCA (Departments of Health, Department of Housing and Communal Infrastructure, Department of Industry and Entrepreneurship Development) or the Department of Civil Protection, or by location – district state administrations in Kyiv.
Departments, Departments and DSAs, as well as public authorities, local self-government, including the requests of the heads of enterprises, institutions, organizations that provide life support for the country and the city of Kiev, formulate proposals for the required number of special tickets and submit them to the Department of Transportation Infrastructure, which will provide special tickets to enterprises.
It should be emphasized that these are only enterprises, institutions and organizations, that ensure the vitality of the city and country.

From 00:00 on March 23 KP “Kyivpastrans” and the municipal transportation service of the KSCA, which, if necessary, will involve other carriers, will provide transportation of persons with special tickets on certain routes.
National Police will enforce public order and restrictions at bus stops.
In addition, no less than two National Police officers and a representative of the Municipal Watchtower will be present in each unit of land public transport. They will check for special tickets, IDs and personal protective equipment.
Please note that there are no restrictions on the movement of personal city transport and taxis. The same applies to freight transport.
There are restrictions on the number of visitors in food stores and pharmacies. Thus, in commercial premises should be 1 person per 10 sq.m. Store managers and pharmacy must comply with these restrictions and ensure that all anti-epidemic measures that have been introduced are implemented.
Delivery of food, medicine, as well as all necessary goods and means will be carried out in shops, pharmacies, hospitals and other institutions of social sphere as usual. Social workers will continue to provide food and other essentials to lonely elderly people and palliative patients.
Also, to improve the epidemic situation in the capital it is forbidden to use playgrounds and sports grounds located in parks and squares and in adjoining territories.
All these restrictions are recorded in the minutes of the Standing Committee on Technogenic and Environmental Safety and Emergencies.


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