The session of the General Assembly has been cancelled

The meeting of the Budapest General Assembly in March has been cancelled due to the current epidemic emergency. Submitted proposals are being shared with all the political parties and the mayor, taking into account their views, will decide on them in accordance with the law.

The Municipality of Budapest does not hold its monthly General Assembly meeting this March. The mayor decided not to convene the Assembly due to the coronavirus outbreak as an indoor event could pose a risk, and most importantly, district mayors are already facing the challenges of the epidemic in their own district every day.

The submitted proposals are available to read on the website as always, and are sent to all political parties for comments. Based on the comments and considerations submitted, the mayor will make decisions under the powers prescribed to him through the emergency law, which will be communicated to the public and the media.

The operations of Budapest will not cease due to the cancellation of the General Assembly. Unlike many other municipalities, the Municipality of Budapest will continue to share and request all political parties to comment on the submitted proposals as long as it is unable to hold a General Assembly, and the mayor will make his decision based on them.


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