Taipei City to Reopen Parent-child Centers under New Guidelines

(Photo source: Department of  Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government)

With 10 consecutive days of no new COVID-19 cases and 35 days without locally-contracted cases, the city government has announced the second wave of easing up restrictions for public venues. While visitor’s real name registration remains mandatory, the maximum indoor occupancy has been increased to 100 individuals.

Under the new guidelines, popular facilities such as the district parent-child centers will reopen on May 26 to provide families with young children a place for entertainment and fun. Health-related events such as community health screening for conditions including cancer and metabolic syndrome will also restart.

At the same time, new services – such as applications for group visits to the Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant – will be implemented as well.

According to the agency, the first wave of restriction-easing saw the reopening of district civic centers, community care stations, and senior citizen service centers across the city. The updated guidelines – to take effect on May 25 – will increase the maximum occupancy for these institutions as well.

With the Joint College Entrance Exams slated for July 3 through 5, disease prevention on school campuses will be strengthened to safeguard the health of test takers. Regarding the reopening of school track and fields to the public during afterhours, high school and vocational school will reopen starting July 6, while middle and elementary school will wait until the end of the current semester (July 15).

As the welfare of citizens remain the top concern for the city government, policies will be adjusted pending future developments of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stricter measures may be reinstated if necessary.

City hall reminds the public to continue to maintain good hygiene habits such as washing hands frequently and wearing face masks to minimize the possibility of contagion.

  • Source:Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government / Publish Date:2020-05-19

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