Schools and kindergartens will open in the capital. When?

Dear citizens, parents and children! The epidemiological situation in the capital has stabilized a little, a meeting of the City Emergency Anti-Epidemic and Anti-Epizootic Commission (CEAAC) under the leadership of the Vice-Mayor for Social Affairs Aizhan Chynybaeva was held in the capital city hall.

We discussed the possibility of a phased resumption of the school work and kindergartens according to the algorithm of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The chief sanitary doctor of the Center for state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance K. Kundashev supported the idea of ​​a phased resumption of the work of general educational organizations in compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

Preliminarily, from 12 to 18 January, it is planned to conduct a medical examination of teachers in the capital’s schools, for this, FMC doctors will come to the aid of school doctors and nurses. Educators with clinical manifestations of COVID-19, contact persons will be referred for PCR testing. At the same time, disinfection will take place in the buildings of educational institutions, the district educational centers will complete preparatory work to ensure the educational process (food, personal protective equipment).

From January 18, 1, 5, 9 and 11 grades will go to school. Children will study in two shifts, seating will be staggered.

In this mode, schoolchildren will study until February 1, while specialists, epidemiologists will monitor the educational process in the era of a pandemic.

If the indicators are stable, presumably the second stage will begin – all students will go to school.

Note that it will be possible to study online for children who, for various reasons, will not be able to attend lessons offline. This practice is widely used in cities and countries that are also in the process of gradually reopening the work of educational organizations.

Conserved day hospitals in schools will be deployed, technical support will be transferred to the FMC, beds and other equipment will be transferred to the balance of the corresponding services for storage.

Kindergartens will also resume work on January 20.

Also, the vice mayor instructed to organize work to improve the quality of school meals.

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